Increase your website's revenue

Without a lot of effort

Igloo enables you to increase your revenue through direct advertising sales without wasting your time. Get started with Igloo right away. Subscription is free for the first month, so you can see whether Igloo is right for your website.

Amy's story

Amy started her website a couple of years ago, and now her blog and online shop has a small following. She began with google ads, but occasionally she gets emails asking about how to advertise on her website. Amy doesn't really have the time or even know where to start with managing ads - so she has always turned them away. Then she found out about Igloo and realised that it didn't have to be that hard.

Find out how you can get started with managing your own ads - making a bit more money out of all the time you spend blogging - and without a lot of extra effort.

Sell advertising directly

By selling some or all of her advertising directly Amy can make a lot more money. Amy need not pay a network for advertising that is targeted directly to her website.

Low administration

Amy wants to spend time on her content, not on her ads. Igloo can help Amy spend less time managing her advertising by automating the administration.

Easy set up

Amy wants her ads to be simple to set up, and never wants to change the code again. Amy's ads were running in 5 minutes following three simple steps. Igloo is quick to set up and integrate into your website and immediately provides a self-service interface for advertisers.

Build your advertiser base

Amy is her own best salesperson. Now that she is selling ads to her advertisers directly, she can tell them how great her website is, and offer coupons and bonuses to further entice them.

Managing direct advertising doesn't have to be hard. Amy can now communicate with her advertisers directly, and still spend most of her time on her content. Not on administration.

With minimum admin on your side your advertisers can upload their own ads, choose their price point and time slot, and pay the invoice. All you need to do is approve their ad campaign, Igloo manages the rest.

Igloo is self-service advertising management software. Get started with Igloo now.