Manage ads on your website

Without a lot of effort

Igloo enables you to manage ads on your website easily. Get started with Igloo right away. Subscription is free for the first month, so you can see whether Igloo is right for your website.

Can be used with any blogging software or website tool

Igloo easily integrates into your software of choice. Wordpress is a breeze. Blogger is a snap. If you need some help getting on board with some new software, we are here to help.

Spend less time on the nitty-gritty

Advertisers can immediately create their own ads, access stats, pay directly to your Paypal account, extend, pause and resume... All without you doing a thing.

Low administration

Most administration tasks are automated, advertisers set their own start and end dates/number of impressions. There really is very little for you to do, except tell advertisers about your website. So you can get back to working on your website.

Easy set up

Igloo is quick to set up and integrate into your website and immediately provides a self-service interface for advertisers. All you need to do is copy three lines of code into your website. Simple.

Automated reminders

Igloo can automatically send reminders to advertisers that their ad is about to finish. Then they can extend their ad without bothering you. They just send you the money. Simple.

Managing ads doesn't have to be hard. You can communicate with your advertisers directly, and still spend most of your time on your content. Not on administration.

With minimum admin on your side your advertisers can upload their own ads, choose their price point and time slot, and pay the invoice. All you need to do is approve their ad campaign, Igloo manages the rest.

Igloo is a self-service ad management platform. Get started with Igloo now.