Product Tour

Website integration

Igloo integrates directly and simply into your website to display ads. Copy and paste some prepared code, and you will be ready to go.

Ad creation

Igloo integrates directly into your website for advertisers to create an advertisement. We try not to get in the way

Advertiser self-service

After an advertisers has created their ad, they can get things done directly. They can Extend their ad at any time, and they can Pause and Resume it. They can also see information about how long the ad has left to run, and how many views and clicks the ad has received.

All this without you having to lift a finger.

Create sections, discounts, coupons etc

In the admin interface, you can create multiple websites, ad sections for each website, discounts and coupons.

Maintain your contact list

Igloo automatically keeps a history of all of your advertisers, and makes it easy for you to contact them.

Income history

You can easily see how much money you have made, and who has paid it to you.

Manage your ads

See which ads need approval, how well the ads are doing, how long they have to go. Everything you need to know is there.